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205 Dry Craft Cocktails

Plymouth Gin, freshy lemon, acacia simple syrup, poured over crushed ice, topped with raspberries muddled in honey syrup

House Margarita

Lunazul tequila, fresh squeezed lime, organic agave, triple sec *Add a sugar island float for $2 extra*

Strawberry Mule

Titos, strawberry basil simple syrup, ginger beer, spanked basil

Rosey Posey

Sipsmith gin, freshy squeezed lime, St. germain, rose water, sugar


dorothy parker gin, maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon juice, creme yvette

stormy weather

goslings and appleton rum, lemon juice, luxardo apricot, cream of coconut

hemingway daiquiri

banks white island rum, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime, maraschine liqueur, muddled mint leaves

Jordy Sour

jameson, simple syrup, egg white, lemon, bitters

Tea and toast

mandarin tea infused with apricot jame, jameson, fresh lemon juice, acacia honey syrup. Side of toast with brie, orange zest and honey


suntory toki, lemon, maple syrup, orange bitters, egg white, dash of nutmeg

french 75

aviation gin, fresh squeezed lemon, simple syrup, topped with champagne

apple 75

Applejack brandy, fresh squeezed lemon, simple syrup, topped with champagne, served on the rocks

kir royale

Creme de cassis topped with avissi prosecco

Corpse Reviver

absinthe Rinsed Glass, Lejay, Gin, Triple Sec, Fresh Squeezed Lemon

The paloma

Lunazul Tequila, grapefruit juice, honey syrup, lime juice, club.

gin fizz

Aviation Gin, Fresh squeezed lemon, egg white, Cane Sugar Simple Syrup, Champagne

Bees Knees

Dorothy Parker Gin, Freshy squeezed lemon, acacia honey syrup, bitters

Jalisco Swizzle

Lunazul tequila, mezcal tequila, fresh squeezed lime, can simple syrup, bitters

Stormy weather

goslings and appleton estate rum, Luxardo Apricot liqueur, cream of coconut, lemon juice.

Mint Julep

Elijah Craig Bourbon, ginger simple syrup, muddled mint

old fashioned

maple knob creek, specialty bitters, cherries, muddled oranges and sugar

pimm's cup

pimms (a gin-based liqueur), fresh lemon juice, ginger beer, strawberries, mint, orange

The purple pearl

Titos vodka, framboise, fresh squeezed lemon, lavendar simple syrup

the honey pie

makers mark, apple-ginger liqueur, apple bitters, topped with sparking cider and garnished with burnt sugar candy


Absinthe rinse, peychauds bitters, ragtime rye whiskey, simple syrup

rue blanco

Watch out! He'll bite ya! Corzo tequila, regans orange bitters, st. germaine liquer, galliano liqueur


pierre ferrand cognac, triple sec, squeezed lemon, simple sryup, served in a vintage tea cup with a sugared rim

Pineapple Pisco sour

pisco sour liqueur, fresh squeezed lime, pineapple juice, egg white, simple syrup, angostura bitters

Satans Whiskers

(a balanced, yet hardcore cocktail) Pierre Ferrand cognac, squeezed lemon, chartreuse, simple syrup, bitters

205 Dry Cocktail of the week
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“LA Vie En Rose"
sipsmith Gin
ROse WAter
strawberry syrup
topped with Fresh lemonade
Garnished with LEmon and mint
205 Dry Cocktail of the week